Khôra & Mas Aya have just loosed some lo-fi collaborative work unto the great binary sea. These recordings were made informally over several sessions last spring and subsequently compiled, excised, and collaged into the album Tangled Roots and its residual counterpart, Disjecta. If you will, have a listen below.

Nidus, another Khôra involved egregor, with sonic results radically different from the above, will be undertaking Abductive Transduction, a distributed sound installation of their some 50 hours of accumulated live recordings at Ratio on January 28, 2017.

This installation, braced by visual art by Franco Berti, will culminate in a long-duration performance supplemented by layered video projections. Please see the poster below and its attendant link for further details and click above for live samples of Nidus’s distinctive brand of experimentalism.

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